What I love the most about Pop-ins

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Singing songs with all my babies!  Dylan loved Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes today. Can you tell…


All the silly tricks and noises I make, stickers I give out get to play with, the tickle stick battles (today’s was pink vs white lol)……and most of all, all the cute little expressions that come out when we play.


The stay in the chair challenge!


The I can stand by myself now stage!


Watching all my babies grow so fast, and seeing how small their cute little stuffed toys start to look!


Getting to see my Poppets even after they turn One! This little dude knows the drill lol, and always gives me gorgeous smiles!


How I get to meet the new siblings of my Poppets and watch them grow too!  This little sister has been in to see me since birth too!


I can reach my toes stage! This has got to be the cutest part of our babies being able to sit unassisted!


I just love how babies learn to communicate, and the ways they choose to express themselves!


The best part! All the amazing smiles and giggles we get on the Pop-in chair. 

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