The Third Trimester

by | Aug 11, 2019 | Maternity | 0 comments

When Kareena contacted me to book in her Maternity session I was so excited!  Her little twins Olivia and Kyle are just the sweetest little kids (I think they like me too, based on all the hugs they give me).  This was a special session for the family as it was the first time Kareena had been pregnant this many weeks (36, whoop whoop).  The gorgeous little twins you see here arrived quite a bit earlier than their due date, as it often happens with multiples.

I really wanted to create a beautiful portrait for Kareena to have forever that celebrated the twins together before they became a big brother and sister to their new little baby.  I’ll let you guess what Kareena is having x

I can’t wait to meet the new baby!

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