Welcome to my new website

I am so so excited to finally announce the launch of my new website!  You can join my blog to hear about all the exciting events, sessions and specials I have.
The new website is also fully responsive and will look great on mobile devices too!   At a guess your probably reading this right now on your mobile device, so this was a very important part in the decision making process when building this site.

One of my main goals is to make sure that I can provide plenty of information so that its easy for visitors to become my clients.  So I will be adding lots of tips and tricks to my blog page where many of your frequently asked questions will be answered.  Feel free to use the links on any of the pages you visit to let me know of any burning questions you have now so that I can add these to the list!

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The website design process

Its fair to say that a lot of time went into this design.  I can’t begin to describe the learning curve I went on to get to this point!  It certainly wasn’t an easy journey getting here.  More to it the learning curve has only just begun.  There is so much more I can and want to do with my website and I’m so proud to able to get it to this point where I can share it with you all.  You will see so much more happening in this space and I invite you all to join the journey with me to see where it goes.  My vision for the site was to be my home base for all things creative, connecting with my customers, and sharing the love that I get to witness on a regular basis through my lens.  I love that I can share with you all the sessions that I hold, the learning that I’m consistently doing and lots lots more.

As you will see below, I have created a space where you can explore information, book in phone consultations and sessions with me, learn a bit about photography here and there and connect with me about any awesome ideas you may have on your next photography session with me.


My Home Page

I wanted a home page that celebrated my portfolio but also connected with you straight away.  I think that I have achieved that through this page and I love the way the images come to life within the design.


Each of the pages I have designed have a signature look and style that fits in with the elements of my fabulous logo that was designed by Lindsay Owner + Creative Director of Macarons & Mimosas.  I love how they came together and there are many places for you to contact me throughout the website so you don’t have to look far to find a book in button or contact form.








I’m super excited for our upcoming Family Pop-in Day on the 23rd June! Join the count down with me.  If you missed out on a spot this time, be sure to register here so that you can get notified first when the next special date is due to be released.

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