Another successful day here at my home studio, for the June Pop-in Portraits in Te Awamutu.  We had a great time seeing all the bubba’s – it never ceases it amaze me how much a baby can grow and change just in 4 short weeks!  Although I really miss having my amazing assistant around to keep me on track, I think that we did alright.  All the fantastic pop-in mum’s really have the process down pat now and make it so much easier for me to do my job – which lets be honest is so much fun!!

I want to welcome the new poppets who I got to meet this month and I also got to meet a new mumma-to-be too!  Welcome to you all!

Don’t forget to join our popaholics group too, where you can be in first to the special dates, POTM (poppet of the month) competitions and home of Little Annie Pop-in portrait enthusiasts and family photography lovers. It is a supportive community of parents who are slightly obsessed with beautiful photos of our babies! #onceyoupopyoucan’tstop

Our next Sibling & Friend specials are coming up in the July school holidays! There are limited spots available in Te Awamutu and Hamilton, make sure you book yours asap 

Click here to book in for the Te Awamutu or Hamilton Pop-in events 

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